Stillwater Campground 5/13/16

Stillwater Campground, Granby, CO (2 hours / 96 miles from Denver)

Stillwater Campground

Site 70 at Stillwater Campground, Granby, CO

This was a gear test trip. We’ve set up the tent in the garage before and tested the stove on the deck, but this was sort of a full dress rehearsal. Setting up the tent in the wind has a bit of a learning curve. The wind was coming from one direction, so after staking everything down we opted to spin it so that the doors were sheltered. There were tons of trips to the car (which was fortunately 100′ away) for little things. We forgot a pen to write on the campground fees envelope. We hadn’t really thought through how trash would be handled. I forgot my beanie in the car and didn’t realize until 2 in the morning.

What we learned:

  • The low for the night should have been around 38°F but it was actually 30°F. In 21°F bags with pad R-values around 4.2, this is probably our absolute low.
  • Inflatable foam pads aren’t very comfortable, at least not the REI Trekkers we have. We’ll probably replace these.
  • Tea doesn’t work. We tried brewing our usual morning cups of Earl Grey in disposable paper tea bags and ended up with weak tea. We live at 5900′ and this campground is at 8300′, so I’m thinking something went wrong between the boiling points (201°F at home, about 196°F up there), the paper tea bags, or the steep time. In any case, that’ll have to be sorted.
  • Name brand freeze dried meals aren’t that great. I mean, they’re food, but it’s not a meal I’d look forward to after a 10 mile hike.

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