Saint Vrain Glaciers 9/26/15

Red Deer Lake Trail / Buchanan Pass Trail (for about ~5.4 miles) and Saint Vrain Glacier Trail (~3.1 miles) for a total of ~18 miles round trip. Park at the end of Middle Saint Vrain Road (just past Camp Dick). Roosevelt National Forest. (1.5 hours / 52 miles from Denver)

Watch for moose. Seriously. We were in the dark with headlamps and I spotted eyes about a hundred feet away. A bit later we saw two young moose on the trail. While we were heading out, we lucked out and caught this video of them sparring. We’ll probably never get this lucky again. Also keep an eye out for stoats near the glaciers. One popped out from some rocks and ran off before I could even think about grabbing my camera.

Moose! Apologies for the grainy photo.

Moose at Saint Vrain Glaciers

Looking around at dawn:

Saint Vrain Glaciers

The glaciers:

Saint Vrain Glaciers

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