Chasm Lake 8/20/16

Chasm Lake Trail (~8.3 8.8 miles round trip). Longs Peak Trailhead. RMNP (1.5 hours / 76 miles from Denver)
Trailhead elevation: 9400′
Highest elevation: 11,800′
Total elevation gain: 2400′

First off, sorry about the break in posts. We moved and haven’t had a chance to go out to the mountains since the 4th of July. But now we have a dedicated gear room!

After the Sangres brushed us off 6 weeks ago we needed something to boost our confidence, and of course we decided the best way to do was to reattempt a hike that goes halfway up Long’s Peak.

This is a pretty straightforward hike with a clear trail the entire way except for a bit of scrambling just before the lake. Be sure to pack an extra layer since half the trail is above tree line. It took us just shy of 4.5 hours to hike it, or about 6.5 including breaks and spending some time at the lake.

Looking northeast from Chasm Lake trail Alpine Tundra sign First sight of Long's Peak from the trail Long's Peak Long's Peak and the Diamond Chasm Lake Long's Peak Chasm Lake Long's PeakChasm Lake Long's Peak the Diamond

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