Lost Creek Wilderness 4/7/17

Our Tarptent's first trip in LCW

Payne Creek Trail by way of Brookside Payne Creek TH (according to the Lost Creek Wilderness maps but it’s Brookside-McCurdy Trailhead on Google Maps). Lost Creek Wilderness (1 hour / 48 miles from Denver). We only did 5 miles out and back but you can plan some solid multi day…

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Andrews Glacier 9/25/16

You have a few options for trails to get here. Loch Vale Trail from Bear Lake Trailhead or Sky Pond Trail from Glacier Gorge Trailhead to Andrews Glacier Trail. They come out to about 3.4 to 3.5 miles to Andrews Glacier Trail. 9.5 to 10 miles round trip. RMNP (2 hours…

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Chasm Lake 8/20/16

Chasm Lake Trail (~8.3 8.8 miles round trip). Longs Peak Trailhead. RMNP (1.5 hours / 76 miles from Denver) Trailhead elevation: 9400′ Highest elevation: 11,800′ Total elevation gain: 2400′ First off, sorry about the break in posts. We moved and haven’t had a chance to go out to the mountains since…

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