Andrews and Taylor Glacier Attempt 10/31/15

Loch Vale Trail (~8.2 miles) plus Andrews Glacier Trail (~1.8 miles), RMNP (2 hours / 85 miles from Denver)

This was the first hike we ever turned away from because we just weren’t prepared. The drifts heading toward Andrews Glacier were approaching hip deep. Timberline Falls was frozen and the climb up the side of the falls was questionable at best without traction, so we turned away¬†there. On the hike back to the car, we talked about getting trekking poles, traction, and snowshoes. This is definitely a hike we’re going to come back and finish.

The Loch (and quite possibly one of the best photos I’ve taken so far):

The Loch RMNP

A frozen Timberline Falls:

Timberline Falls in RMNP

Daniel for scale:

Timberline Falls in RMNP

This is where we decided to turn around on the Andrews Glacier trail:

Turnaround point at Andrews Glacier Trail

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