About Us

We’ve been Colorado transplants since May 2015. We spent last summer hiking, climbing, bouldering, and talking about the adventures we’d get into when we collected enough gear to camp. The winter was spent snowboarding and wishing we had snowshoes.

At some point, the lines between hiking and bouldering got a bit fuzzy. Same with the lines between climbing and mountaineering. Then there’s a lake or glacier you’d love to hike to, but the hike is 20 miles round trip and it would mean an overnight backpacking trip. The logistics get complex.

That’s where the idea for this blog was born. We’re both engineers, so over-analyzing options is just part of the package. We’ve spent hours reading gear reviews, watching YouTube videos, wandering around outdoor gear shops, and debating what gear fits what need. And, of course, keeping track of everything.

So we wanted to share that. One big thing we noticed while researching trips and gear is that there’s few resources for beginners. How do you go about picking a tent? What’s the difference between down or synthetic sleeping bags? And how do you figure out where you can camp or backpack in the first place?

We’re starting this blog with a basic beginner gear kit knowing that it will evolve and things will be swapped for better, lighter, or more specialized gear. And we hope you enjoy reading about the process (and mistakes) along the way.

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